no longer justatrace

hey there, i know it has been a while.

but this post is to let you know that because i am no longer just a trace, i will be posting with my husband at www.nickandtracetaylor.blogspot.com

so, you can check us out there....see ya


to make you smile

a high school classmate of mine posted some really great pictures recently. you should check them out.


an addition

i finally published a post i wrote in may. it is below, dated 5/29. strangely, the same still applies. the more things change

p.s. nicaragua post is coming...about half done now.

God- thank you for being my hope, my peace, my rest. thank you for being the unattainable goal. and for being the only way to attain it...i bet you know what i mean...you're God. thank you, i love you.


a nephew, a niece and another nephew

in the years since thier wedding day, july 5, 2003, my brother and sister-in-law have produced three offspring. in case you have been living under a rock, or are otherwise calendar deficient, today is sept. 3, 2007, only four years and two months-ish of marriage. so, nathan turned three on August "firty-first," and is having a fire truck at his birthday party on Saturday. Raeanne will be 19 months old on Sept 15, and Trey is about six weeks old. Three kids-- three and under.

so although i think they are a tad bit on the crazy side, i am also so lucky that they are very good at baby making. here's why: i have been so amazingly and abundantly blessed by these three kids, that i could never have even imagined it or thought to ask, hope, or wish for it.

nathan is one of the sweetest kids ever; he is smart too. he remembers everything. he knows who gave him what when and for what occassion. he said when he grows up, he wants to be a doctor. he is obsessed with making sure i am ok--checking my blood pressure, listening to my heart (he always says, "take a deep breath in"), and giving me shots (those plastic toy syringes are no joke--they hurt). he also takes good care of his little sister and brother. the other day, raerae was upset because her bottle was empty, and she wanted a drink. she was screaming and crying while my brother quickly prepared her refill. nathan gently and graciously walked over to her, grabbed her hand, and led her to the kitchen. he pointed to his daddy, and said, "look raerae. it's ok. see. daddy is fixing your drink." as david walked to the couch with her bottle, in an attempt to get her to nap, nathan followed behind, still holding his sister's hand leading her to her daddy's arms. it was so sweet. ok, one more. on the day carri and david brought trey home from the hospital, we all went up there to film the event. carri and david brought trey in his carrier into the waiting room. we all left, my dad (poppy) leading the way, walking backward with the camera. david carried the weight of the carrier, but nathan would simply NOT let go of it, even for a second. and as we turned the corner down the long hallway to the elevator, nathan stopped -- careful not to lose contact with his baby brother's carrier, looked in at him, looked at us, and began to gingerly jumo up and down repeating emphatically, "i love him! i love him! i love him!"

raeanne is a piece of work. sometimes i think she may be even smarter than nathan. she is gonna be trouble. in a good way. she has such a strong, outgoing, and hilarious personality. and she ain't scared of nothing. she loves to put the big flamingo pillow on the floor in front of her bed and just faceplant, falling off the bed into the pillow. tonight, we went to eat at Steak and Shake. she greeted every single person who came in, walked by, came over. she also bid them adieu. as we left, one of the other patrons suggested we enter her in a pageant. "she has the wave," she said. i replied, "don't let her mother hear you say that. she already put big brother in one, and he won."

trey. what can i say? so far, all he does is eat, sleep and poo. but i have to give him credit. he is the best baby. he is so content. unless he is seriously hungry, he NEVER cries. he is amazing. the best. i can't wait to watch his little personality develop like his brother and sister.

so basically, thanks dave and carri, for making me an auntie. they are the best kids. i love them so much.

Father God, thank you for blessing my family with these three children. i pray, God, they will know you, their lives will be enriched, and that you will be glorifir in the process. God, let your will be done in their lives.


long time coming

i feel like that should'vee been hyphenated, but who knows. i teach English for half a day for 180 days out of the year, and still i have to look up crazy rules. for now, i am just too lazy. apologies.

so much has happened this summer and it was all great, and all of it will be covered in upcoming blogs about nick, and nicaragua, and my new little nephew. for now, i just needed to get back up on the horse...to test the proverbial waters...to feel safe here again. safe enough that i can put my thoughts and feelings out there into cyberspace and rest that there will be no judgment. hope that no one and everyone will read my rants and offer support, advice, love. peace that costs less than weekly visits to a shrink is infinitely more cathartic.

so here i am, thanks to my father's monthly investment in high-speed cable internet (roadrunner...BEEP!BEEP!), ready to put it all out there again...i think...

so stay tuned. i will start...hmm...well...either in my present state of confusion and sadness and work back...OR maybe i will start in the blissful memories of a summer that ended days ago but seems forever away.

peace and love

God, give me one pure and holy passion. give me one magnificaent obsession, give me one glorious ambition for my life: to know and follow hard after you, to grow as your disciple in Your truth. lead me on, and i will run after You.